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 Tamara Grams, LADC


(651) 645-6100

2499 Rice St, Suite 40

Roseville, Minnesota 55113


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Health Maintenance



Learn more about alcohol and drug services that are private, respectful, and tailored just for you.

   This is different.

Drug and Alcohol services at AA Alternatives in Roseville is not based on the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous, or 12-step approach. In my view, there is no methodology that works for all people, all of the time. My job is to be eclectic and to find the best methods for each client individually.

I practice the way health care professionals practice in other areas of medicine. I don't like the idea of 'Treatment Programs'. You would not expect to go to your dentist or therapist or doctor and have them explain that they have a program for your problem, and that it lasts a certain number of weeks, consists of group meetings with strangers who will hear all about your personal information, and afterward you must go to 'meetings' for the rest of your life. 

I meet with each client in a partnership fashion to design a service plan. There are no two clients at AA Alternatives who are doing the same thing, and scheduling is flexible.

This office is not a 'facility' with a lot of staff. It is my private practice, and I offer more in the way of respectful, confidential services. I want my clients to feel comfortable and to enjoy the utmost in privacy. And, I do not do 'groups' or 'meetings'.






My mission is to facilitate a chemical health change experience that is individualized, respectful, rewarding and lasting while

using a non-AA/non-12-step approach.